Dark Roots Learning Garden is located at 3760 Union St behind Changes Salon.

The Dark Roots Garden is the newest Tippecanoe Master Gardener project that broke ground in April of 2016. This garden is a hands-on teaching and food pantry garden funded solely on donations with the land donated by Jeffery Halsema. In 2016, with one family participating 884 pounds of produce was donated. In 2017, five families participated at the garden and learned by hands-on experience and donated 1,668 pounds of produce. This year in 2018, we donated 2,593.62 pounds of produce to Lafayette Transitional Housing and other local food pantries.

This year we expanded the gardens, added more trellises and built a compost bin. The kids participating started a fall crop from seeds and got to up pot them, plant them, and finally harvest the produce they grew.  


Dark Roots is a Free program. All families and individual are welcome. Gardening times vary to accommodate busy schedules. Any one participating is eligible to take some produce home every time they participate. The garden lessons learned will include: seed propagation, trellis construction, plant care, soil and plant science, garden maintenance and more.

If you are interested in volunteering, participating, or donating at the Dark Roots Garden in Lafayette, please contact Julieann Davis at juliann-229@hotmail.com